Where can I get Phoenix Dental Implants?

At Ahwatukee Dentistry PLLC, we’re committed to providing you with the professional guidance and quality service your smile deserves. With 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Tam Le is dedicated to keeping current with the latest developments in the field to offer patients the highest quality of care. We welcome patients of all ages and offer a sweeping range of services, from the essentials in preventive, emergency, and restorative dentistry, to the highest quality implant, prosthetic and cosmetic solutions for every smile. To help patients who are missing teeth, we offer the best options in care, including customized dental bridgework, dentures, and Phoenix dental implants.

If you are preparing to replace missing teeth, consulting with an experienced dentist about all your choices in care is essential.  As a skilled and experienced provider of care, Dr. Le will develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your comfort level, aesthetic goals and budget. Thanks to advances in technology and care, Phoenix dental implants closely replicate the feel, function and appearance of natural teeth. Unlike dental bridges or dentures, dental implants are place directly into the jawbone to behave in much the same way as the roots of natural teeth. At the jaw level, implants fuse directly to the bone in a remarkable process known as osseointegration. As they are placed into the bone, dental implants provide ongoing stimulation to the surrounding tissues to help preserve and support your natural facial contours. In addition, by anchoring into place at the bone level, implants confer unprecedented stability whether they are use to support the placement of a customized prosthetic or crown above, without relying on the involvement of adjacent teeth.

If you are seeking out your best options for replacing missing teeth, plan on scheduling your next consultation with Dr. Le. To learn more about the possibilities with Phoenix dental implants or our range of custom prosthetic solutions, call us today!

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